Ben is an experienced strategy professional and political advisor with a background in policy and international law. As the Managing Partner of Andart Global, he leads Andart’s strategy and reputation management work, with flagship projects in the GCC region and beyond.

Ben has expertise in diplomacy, policy development and high-level multinational negotiations; he works to solve complex problems confronting governments, companies and individuals. With his unrivalled political acumen, Ben helps clients to navigate challenges in a thoughtful and effective way.

Before founding Andart Global, Ben held senior roles in the public and private sectors. He headed a division at the United Nations in Geneva working on emerging international peace and security issues and their diplomatic challenges. He spent four years in Washington DC, where he worked for a private US foundation leading policy creation efforts and international engagement in the space sector. In Luxembourg, he was Planetary Resources’ Head of Government Affairs for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with a focus on policy positioning, investor relations, and innovative capital-raising.

Ben founded Andart Global as he believed emerging regions like the GCC deserve better: business as usual is no longer sufficient to support the reality and ambitions of these regions, as they assume a more prominent place on the global stage.

Founder & Managing Partner
Ben Baseley Walker
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