Yosor is a business and industry development strategist, whose career spans real estate, government, tourism, startup incubation, and financial services.

Yosor has two decades of experience in the GCC region and has contributed to its exciting political and economic evolution. Before joining Andart Global, Yosor developed UAE industry ecosystems to attract and retain businesses, talent, and visitors. With the Dubai government, she worked in strategy and industry development for the Dubai Development Authority. She went on to manage the first and largest tech startup incubator in the GCC, enriching the region’s economic strength and diversity.

She is a sophisticated GCC player, with a deep knowledge of the region and its complex culture. Yosor is originally Iraqi, and she has also lived and worked in environments such as London, Kuwait, and Montreal. This wealth of experience gives her a unique perspective on business culture in distinctly different regions, and the cultural empathy to understand how others think and feel. Because of this, she is uniquely placed to help clients achieve success in complex environments.
Principal & Head of Business Development
Yosor Al Suhaili
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